5 Easy Health and Safety Solutions You Can Apply

Hazard identification and assessment is a critical element of any active safety and health program. Being proactive by continuing to assess, identify, and fix hazards is the first step to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. It also emphasizes the importance of safety to your team while providing a safety leadership opportunity. Here are 5 easy health and safety solutions you can apply to your existing facility.

  1. Arrange your facility to minimize exposure for personnel. Not everyone needs access to high hazard areas. Use signage and physical barriers to limit access.

  2. Provide sufficient and safe clearances around all equipment and storage areas. Think through job functions and determine the best practices for the job to be performed safely.

  3. Dissipate heat from indoor heat environments. Overheating is a common cause of work-related health issues. Consider where your heat sources are and what can be done to expel the heat, so indoor temperatures are maintained at a safe level.

  4. Ventilation for maintaining air quality and air flow. Air flow helps with not only employee overheating concerns but also with air quality. Work with your industrial hygienist to maintain an appropriate level of air quality in your facility.

  5. Gathering spaces equipped for regular training and testing are crucial to any proper safety and health program. Education is the first step to safe practices in the workplace and these spaces should be large enough to accommodate your workers comfortably. Technology should be at a level to efficiently and effectively train your team on all aspects of your safety program.

In conjunction with your safety & health manager, your industrial hygienist, and your construction specialist any or all of these solutions can be implemented efficiently and effectively for more information visit OSHA’s Industry-Specific Resources page.