What's Trending Now In Safety and Health Programs

Worker injuries and illnesses were down from 10.9 incidents per 100 workers in 1972 to 2.8 per 100 in 2017 (cited from OSHA.gov). Employers, OSHA, State Partners, as well as safety and health professionals are all having a significant effect on workplace safety. Now that safety is a regular conversation in industry’s business solutions, here are a few of the latest trends.

  • HOLISTIC WELLBEING - Organizations are finding that when they take a multifaceted approach like assessing physical, mental, social, and economic factors, they can sustain increased employee health.

  • SPECIALIZED SAFETY ROLES - To avoid the financial impact of workplace injuries, safety professionals are now a sought after role. Markets have diversified seeing an uptick in positions that promote a positive culture and best practices in safety in the workplace.  

  • LEVERAGING DATA - Safety analytics and prediction models are on the horizon. The race is on for safety professionals to make sense of the data and leverage it towards better safety outcomes.


Your facility design can be part of the solution by taking a proactive approach to managing workplace safety.  Building components like appropriate light levels, ventilation, hygiene/PPE stations, and adequate space arrangement for proper clearances all support a proactive approach.  In conjunction with your Safety Manager or Industrial Hygienist, your architects will align your facility with your safety standards. 

Stay tuned for next week post featuring 5 easy health and safety solutions you can apply!