Project Manager


As a Project Manager you will be responsible for project performance related to profitability, quality, and client satisfaction. The role involves management of the internal team and external consultants while working with the principal in charge and interfacing with clients.  You will manage one or more projects during all phases of a project until completion.  You will also manage employees and consultants at all levels to ensure that proper steps and procedures are taken. You are expected to have broad experience and knowledge of building systems. This is a leadership role that requires oversight, guidance, and mentoring of others. Your role is to ensure work is completed as planned, budgeted, scheduled, and in conformance with design intent. Demonstrate good judgment and reasoning in investigating and solving problems. Maintain a cooperative working relationship with the Client, General Contractor, Engineers, consultants, and fellow employees.  You will be responsible for upholding all policies and procedures outlined in the CWA operations manual and refer to those responsibilities when an employee issue arises. 

Position Status:                                   Employee

Reporting Relationships:               Reports to COO

Expected Hours of work:               40 hours per week  

Compensation:                                    Salary

Education:                                              BA or Master of Architecture (or)  

                                                                      Qualifying Construction Management degrees

Professional Certificates:              Licensed Architect or CCMI

Experience:                                            10 + years experience 


  • Advanced knowledge of architectural building systems.
  •  Understanding project work plans, schedules, staffing, and budgets.
  • Strong knowledge of design, trends, construction methodology, and material application.
  • Ability to manage multiple complex projects.
  • Consistently demonstrate the ability to recognize and deal with priorities.
  • Ability to apply accessibility codes, applicable building codes, and life-safety codes to a wide variety of project scopes.

Programs:                                           Advanced CAD and Revit drafting skills, Microsoft Office                                                                              Suite, SketchUP, and Adobe Suite.


  • Assist Partner-In-Charge (PIC) in:
  • The preparation and execution of client contracts.
  • The preparation and execution of consultant contracts.
  • Participate in selected marketing and business development opportunities.
  • Develop, give, and/or participate in presentations and interviews.
  •  Identify, assign, and manage project teams.
  • Create and maintain project schedule.
  • Develop and maintain project budgets.
  • Conduct design kick off meeting with owner.
  • Generate basis of design documents.  Manage and maintain the document throughout design.
  • Present initial concepts to owner and communicate action items to project team.
  • Kick off project team members for each phase of design.
  • Utilizing your assigned team generate programming, schematic design, design development, and construction document deliverables.
  •  Manage client relationship throughout the project. 
    • Project progress
    • Initiate contact with key project individuals
    • Coordination and negotiating of critical issues.
  • Comply with OSHA guidelines and code regulations governed by the state and federal regulatory agencies. 
  •  Manage bidding and permitting phase. 
  •  Manage Construction Administration staff on assigned jobs.   
  • Participate in Pre Bid, Pre Con, and construction meetings when necessary.
  • Perform project close out as identified in the contracted scope of work.
  •  Uphold CWA Vision, mission and culture. 
  • Responsible for holding the team and consultants accountable to the KPI's. 

Posting Time:                                                    2/1/2018 - 3/2/2018

If you possess these qualifications call us today at:     (225) 443-1508 or email us at

Production Drafter


As a Production Drafter, you are expected to be a reliable team player with time management skills and critical thinking abilities. You should be proficient in the use of Revit and AutoCAD.  As a drafter, you are expected to be detail oriented and flexible. You will be expected to prepare detailed drawings of architectural plans and designs according to the direction from project managers and architects.  Your objective is to support the Project Managers to efficiently complete projects to ensure client satisfaction.

Position Status:                                    Employee

Reporting Relationships:                Reports to Project Manager

Expected Hours of work:                40 hours per week

Compensation:                                     Salary

Education:                                               Drafting and Design (AOS) Degree (or)

                                                                       BA of Architecture

Professional Certificates:              None

Experience:                                            2-5 years’ experience or 10-15 years’ experience


  • Proficiency in drafting, architectural documentation, and rendering capabilities. 
  • Have basic construction knowledge.
  • Consistently demonstrate the ability to be a self-starter, self-manage, possess decision making, and problem solving skills. 
  • Enjoy working with teams and communicate well.

Programs:                                           Advanced CAD and Revit drafting skills, Microsoft Office                                                                              Suite, SketchUP, and Adobe Suite.


  • Perform field visits, photograph, and measure existing conditions.
  •  Draft background drawings, programming documents, schematic documents, design development documents, and construction documents under the supervision of an architect and project manager.
  • Research products related to the projects you are assigned to.
  • Understand how consultant drawings affect architectural drawings and coordinate accordingly.
  • Coordinate redlines across multiple drawings and sheets
  • Create and bundle project deliverables.
  • Self-check and ensure work completeness, accuracy, legibility, and compliance to company standards.
  • Self-manage and self-start given tasks.
  • Modeling in Revit and SketchUP.
  • Archiving files in coordination with Office Manager.
  • Organize and maintain projects, CAD, and Revit files according to company standards.

Posting Time:                                                    2/1/2018 - 2/18/2018

If you possess these qualifications call us today at:     (225) 443-0865 or email us at


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